js-data-mongodb 1.0.0-alpha.4

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MongoDB adapter for js-data.

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Quick Start

npm install --save js-data js-data-mongodb mongodb bson.

// Use Container instead of DataStore on the server
import {Container} from 'js-data'
import MongoDBAdapter from 'js-data-mongodb'

// Create a store to hold your Mappers
const store = new Container({
  mapperDefaults: {
    // MongoDB uses "_id" as the primary key
    idAttribute: '_id'

// Create an instance of MongoDBAdapter with default settings
const adapter = new MongoDBAdapter()

// Mappers in "store" will use the MongoDB adapter by default
store.registerAdapter('mongodb', adapter, { default: true })

// Create a Mapper that maps to a "user" collection
async function findAllAdminUsers () {
  // Find all users where "user.role" == "admin"
  return await store.findAll('user', {
    role: 'admin'

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