js-data-http 3.0.0

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This repo contains HTTP adapters for js-data:

  • js-data-http - HTTP (XHR, includes [axios][axios]) adapter for JSData in the browser. Capable of using window.fetch instead of axios. Only works in the browser.
  • js-data-fetch - Same as js-data-http but does not include axios and will use window.fetch if available and if you don't provide your own http library.
  • js-data-http-node - Same as js-data-http but runs on Node.js. Depends on axios and will use axios unless you provide a different http library.

Tested on IE9, Chrome 46, Firefox 41 & Safari 7.1 using bs logo

To get started, visit the main website at http://js-data.io.



The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2014-2016 js-data-http project authors