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JSData v3 release candidate is stable. More features may be added before 3.0.0, and there might be some bugs. Some adapters still need to be updated to work with v3. Message @jmdobry on the JSData Slack channel if you want to help with tests, documentation, tutorials, adapters, etc.

JSData is a framework-agnostic, datastore-agnostic ORM for Node.js and the Browser.

Adapters allow JSData to connect to various data sources such as Firebase, MySql, RethinkDB, MongoDB, localStorage, Redis, a REST API, etc. With JSData you can re-use your data modeling code between environments, keep your data layer intact when transitioning between app frameworks, and work with a unified data API on the server and the client. JSData employs conventions for rapid development, but allows for endless customization in order to meet your particular needs.

Just getting started?

Start with the JSData Getting Started Tutorial or explore the API Reference Documentation.

Need help?

Please post a question on Stack Overflow. This is the preferred method.

You can also chat with folks on the Slack Channel. If you end up getting your question answered, please still consider consider posting your question to Stack Overflow (then possibly answering it yourself). Thanks!

Want to contribute?

Awesome! You can get started over at the Contributing guide.

And thank you!


The MIT License (MIT)

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